look how they shine for you.

writing writing writing....

life is interesting.

i cannot hear well right now. i have not been able to since.... maybe february or something... it's getting old.

reading about Kierkegaard... wishing i could have talked to him... i love his view of faith as absurd, but good.

if there was proof of christianity, where would the faith be in that?

Also, really busy these last days before GA.

I am SO in need of this trip. in so many ways.

Everyone should go see Expelled.

If you are offended by it's contents, you are almost assuredly terribly narrow minded. It's not about Creationism vs. Evolutionsim at all.

It's about Academic Freedom. Freedom of Thought and Discourse.

so much more on my mind than i have time to write...hopefully will have time to write in GA when i'm not busy reading, sleeping, or drumming... *sigh*

man i'm looking forward to it.

PS. Also looking forward to the Garden where I guess they grow the olives.