Love presents: Surge hurts!

Well, I don't really have the time, but I have to throw a couple bits of news and thoughts out there.

I've been in a very volatile state lately. Last night I was up at 1:30 am, on youtube, almost crying watching Kerri Strug nail her second Vault for an Olympic Gold in 96.

Last thursday I almost walked right out on my job. which isn't much of one to begin with. Apparently I don't put clothes on the floor fast enough. I was not aware that "sprinting frantically around like I'm on fire" was the desired work speed.

This has been one of the more difficult Surges to plan yet. Big ups to Alex and Cassie for their fantastic help. Most others have fallen by the wayside somehow, intentionally or not.

Not sure why I've been this way though. I'm restless, I guess. emotionally, and career-ally. Restless and Stressed. Hence Volatile.

But I am currently too overwhelmed with life to worry about restlessness.

Tonight is band practice. Tomorrow night is Surge rehearsal. Wednesday night is Surge. Thursday I work at BR all day and then Thursday night AND Friday night Moodhosa is playing shows in town.

I can be a hero, just for one week. I hope I don't majorly bomb on any of those responsibilities.

2010: The pain of change.

It's worth it.
It's going to be worth it.