another weekend is upon me.

upon us. and my thoughts are still kinda jumbled.

listening to covered in rain by john mayer. the live one from any given thursday...

ok, now it is Dare You to Move by Switchfoot. That song almost always gets to me.

I want to do the things that make me feel most alive. not the things that make me nod off.

I am sad that matt green is moving. But I am happy for him in a long term sense... i can zoom out and know that we will always be matt and drew... that will never change that... lakeland couldn't so i know leesburg can't... david and jonathan for life...

I am going to lakeland this saturday. i won't be at small group. and i am actually glad of that for this week. not that i don't like it. because i do. Oh, and if you're in lakeland, and wanna see me on sunday, let me know.

I am creative d***it. I just need to remember that when i design. I get so lazy. good design does not just happen. you have to make it. and then make it good.

jammed with nick kratz last night. i love his trio. anyway we might play some shows with him. which i would like.

i am lunching with matt stauffer. :D