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midweek mafia mullings (transparency)

thoughtsDrew Allen

i want a nice italian girl, like back from the neighborhood, the fictitious italian one i have created in my mind. what happened to the old days, when a girl liked a guy who treated her right, took care of her, even if he was a little hairy, or he had a foul mouth, she supported him because he adored her? anyway.

i'm in a very italian mood lately.

i want to shave my face. at least most of it.

very rare. to see an italian with a beard.

especially the kind of beard i grow.

maybe subconsciously i enjoy italian culture because large men are not looked down upon until they start getting to "two plane ticket" status.

Rather, they are seen as big, powerful anchors of families.

and they are.

Lovers of their families.

Lovers of laughter, stories, loyalty.

Fierce protectors of the things/people/ideals they love.

i want to be more manly.

that would help a lot of things along.

although for the record, it does not help a man's sense of manliness when women find it impossible to even see him as a man.

pretty honest i know... but at this point, i've got nothing to lose...