thoughtsDrew Allen

monday musing.

thoughtsDrew Allen

a little late for work this morning.

didn't work out.

had a wasp in the house. that sucked.

just finished first bottle of water of today.

i stayed up too late last night. but i did see Burn After Reading again. It was funnier the second time around.

I'm really really really tired of single issue voters. as if the president's only job function at all was to make the policy on abortion. what a terribly narrow minded way to look at the leader of our country. I for one definitely hope our president, whoever it is, does not put anything about abortion at the top of his to do list. our economy is in the crapper, we're billions in debt, and stuck in a military fiasco overseas that is quickly lengthening the list of nations wanting to attack us. I should hope our next president would fix some of those things before we end up in a much larger war that we ever intended.

No country's government can claim to have the authority, moral high ground, or capability to defeat all the evil in our planet. It is a laughable and audacious presumption.

What about being the change we wish to see? At their heart, Islamic fundamentalist terrorists believe wrongly that America is evil by nature. the way we live our life and have religious and economic freedom is an abomination to their god. It is a rash and incorrect presumption. It is this presumption that creates the holy hatred with which they want to destroy us. We responded by making a rash and incorrect presumption about Iraq and its involvement in 9/11. And we preemptively attacked and overtook their country and government, killing thousands of innocent lives in the process. And no, not "still blameless in the eyes of God, so definitely ending up in heaven with Him" lives (unborn babies), but full grown adult lives, maybe have never have heard about Jesus, definitely have made judgments good and bad through their life, possibly dying to enter an eternity without Christ, but still civilian lives who did not deserve to be killed.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts of mine...  more later.