thoughtsDrew Allen

monday update:

thoughtsDrew Allen

damn... someone broke in my car.

they took my stereo (an old sony tape deck [why]), my cell phone, and my drumsticks.

so. that was a terrible way to start my week.

i don't have anyone's number.

call me.

or text me with your name, so i'll have it.

off to get my car lock fixed...

6 hours later...

sorrow and solace.

my car was not finished today. i have to take it back tomorrow during my lunch break to drop it off, and, because they didn't finish it in time, are giving me rides to and from work after lunch and when i get off.


I got a new phone and new drumsticks and stick bag.
here's a photo of the new sticks and bag that i took with my phone's 2 MP camera:
on the other hand, i still need numbers people...


what a monday...