thoughtsDrew Allen

mondays blow.

thoughtsDrew Allen

well. there certainly are a lot of things on the brain right now.

so scattered my emotions are.

rolled eyes, "not surprised" say some.

i feel artistically frustrated by lack of outlet.

hence the more poetitistic entries here.

i need the fix.

i like my beard.

i appreciate the dichotomy of dressing nicer but still growing a big beard.

do i want to look nice or not?

i enjoy showing that i know how to, but choose to not be the clean cut, well dressed guy. also, its way easier. more efficient.

three albums that are underrated due to their association with a generally terrible bubble (christian music)

Blindside: Silence Caedmon's Call: 40 Acres dc Talk: Supernatural


gainesville or lakeland both have plenty to offer. where will i end up?

christ is truly amazing.

for those who are unaware... he is Truth. seriously. i mean that.

and for now, that is all.

ps sopranos = awesome.