thoughtsDrew Allen


thoughtsDrew Allen

first and foremost. i am very very grateful for all the calls, emails, comments, cards, and general "there"-ness that my friends have shown and are showing me. it means so much. "my heart is very full at this moment." God shows me how real He is and His love to me through the people in my life. I'm thankful to Him, and to you all.

second and fivemost. i owe at least ashley hiers and katie hildebrandt phone calls. they are on the way. thanks so much.

third and sixthmost. i am in a period of learning and my thirst of knowledge, wisdom and mad CSS skills is at a high, and i like that.

fourth and seventhmost. "true faith can only begin at the point where certainty ends."

fifth and eighthmost. thank you michael bay, for giving up on trying to make a movie that engages us emotionally. this is your best work yet.

ending with some quotes:

“Matt is Matt. Stauffer is Stauffer.” – Crob and Drew (in unison)

"I love you guys. I do. I'm not drunk." – Berto Evans

“There were no bad bands in the 80s.” – Jim Wharton

“I like him, except when he’s talking about God, or anything else.” – Drew Allen, on James Dobson

“I’m a woman. I submit. It’s what I do.” – Mary Schmitt

“Number one guard. At least.” – Matt Green


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