Drew Allen

a couple thoughts about racism

Drew Allen
a couple thoughts about racism

I’m so upset right now. 

Watching the Alton Sterling video and then the Castile video. 

It’s just horrifying. 

Like, I know police officers. And the guys I know, they’re solid guys. They have character and integrity. They would NEVER do anything like these videos show. 

In the Alton Sterling video, the cops had already tackled the guy and were on top of him. He was on the ground, facedown. That situation should never end in an execution-style, point blank shot in the head. Never. Period. 

And the other video, from what I can tell, is pretty much just as bad. I recently took a concealed weapons course, and they tell you to mention that you have a firearm on you and that you’re going to pull out your wallet to identify yourself.  That’s what you’re supposed to do. 

From what I can tell, that’s what he did, but now he’s dead because of it.

I just don’t know what to do. 

This right here, is part of why I can’t vote for Trump

I can’t “prove” that Trump is racist, (though you can’t prove he’s not), but there’s so much evidence in everything from his policies, to his tweets, that suggest so. And the violence at his rallies also supports this idea. 

It wouldn’t shock me if he supported getting rid of all police dash cams and body cams. 

I know that Hilary being president doesn’t even begin to solve our country’s problems, especially the racism one. 

But I know that with Trump in office, among other disastrous effects, it will almost DEFINITELY add fuel to this racial fire with more hatred at a time when more of that is the LAST thing we need.

Just my two cents.