random thoughts I recently thought.

Proper response and use of torque would cut traffic delays in half. It's not a wedding processional. You accelerate WITH the car in front of you, not waiting for them to get to the fourth pew before going. Also, life might not be a race, but it's not a slow motion clip, or a covert driving mission. Press the gas pedal firmly, and be amazed at the car's ability to pick up speed. The sooner the front car gets up to speed, the sooner we all do.

Tell me that you'll open your eyes. Tell me that you'll open your eyes

Community is an amazing show. It's right up there with The Office for me right now.

I'd give up a toe to be 4 years younger right now.

I'm on xbox live: drewplaysdrums.

"She's just not that into you if she's disappeared on you." THAT's a double-edged sword. Both edges hurt, though.

That's all for now. Random, right?