random thoughts on a lazy sunday.

I'm down to 254 lbs. It feels good. It's kinda weird playing shows out of town. I can easily see why performers/entertainers/musicians would drink in that situation. You're kinda lonely in an immediate sense, but you also feel weird, especially as part of the entertainment, initiating awkward conversations with strangers so you'll have someone to talk to. So, a couple drinks take the nervous edge off of doing that. Any more than a few though and you risk looking very foolish.

I met Curtis from Summerbirds in the Cellar. He just happened to stop by the Peacock Room after we'd finished playing. Good times though. Look forward to seeing what he does next musically.

Fun Friendship is still better than Romantic Loneliness. This is my current theory, or as I'm famous for saying, "modus" or "paradigm."

Anyway, I really miss my "M" friends. I have been mattless since monday and I don't even remember the last time I hung out with mary. It's killing me.

Adventureland was more serious than I was expecting, and uncannily appropo for me to watch.