thoughtsDrew Allen

roll with the changes.

thoughtsDrew Allen

i wish i had taken more pictures.

what a crazy weekend...

so tired and sore though.. monday is recuperation time.

it's also time to implement some changes.

like paring down my online life. pruning my Google Reader and the number of social networks I check multiple times a day, stuff like that.

Also starting a little healthy eating kick to jumpstart my "gift development program"

Anothe change is trying to blend some content appropriate christian tunes back into some of my playlists... not, like, in a quality sacrificial way, just trying to view the songs on their own merit; good music is good music; i shouldn't judge it SOLELY because it is christian... etc... these are weird words for me to write... it sounds like i am trying to get back into christian music as a whole... i'm not, just re-learning to enjoy some of the christian stuff i've left collecting digital dust for years, at least the parts of it that are worth picking back up...

separately, trying to move my life and decisions more toward character and integrity... i'm so quick to lose focus on it, i have to be all about it to stay on it, ya know? something like that anwyays...

and trying to be patient... this is big for me. I'm very impatient... with a lot of different things... deep breath, drew. just chill.

my goal is to finish Brave New World this week.

Max Payne was twice as good because I'd played the game so much back in the day.