drums, marketing, news, thoughtsDrew Allen

SEO, Love, Community, Football, and Drums

drums, marketing, news, thoughtsDrew Allen
SEO, Love, Community, Football, and Drums

Unfortunately life has been far too busy to spend time dutifully blogging about it. Here's a few headlines and summaries.


I truly love learning about Inbound Marketing and all it entails. From On-site optimization to to Social Media, to (in a meta way) blogging, I'm learning a ton of techniques, and more importantly, paradigms to push for in this arena.

The bad news is that my current situation isn't the ideal learning environment. The good news is that it is pushing me to take on more freelance side work to be able to explore and grow my skillset in real situations.

On Love (falling in and choosing to)

The last 9 months or so have not only been some of the most satisfying ones I've had, but also been lesson after lesson about what it means to love a woman and hopefully exemplify Christ's love in doing so.

Sexy Couple

For those who may care to know, we had a very healthy transition from the "mushy infatuation" stage to the "reality" phase, but that was never really a negative experience. It's been a deeply stirring journey to really expose more of your soul and its scars to another person, have them do the same, and in doing so, move into a stance to stay more in their corner and learn how to best support them.

Kori, you're amazing. I love you.

On Community

I can't WAIT for Season Four!

On Community (not the show)

I've been very lucky/blessed for God to have moved men into my life who can really be there for me and who yearn for the same kind of honor I do. Equally awesome is to watch friends and brothers of mine move into similar postures of life as I have. I can't tell you how great it feels to have a band of brothers alongside me in this season of life.

At the same time, I find myself having to try harder and harder to prioritize some of my friendships. I need to work on this, and I'm starting to improve this.

On Gator Football

After last week, I have higher hopes for Driskel's continued growth, and our ability to defensively man up and shut a team down.

I'm hoping for 9-3 this year.

On Fantasy Football

Wow, what an interesting endeavor this has been. I have ended up in two leagues. One Yahoo! league "Bumper Bowling" for a few of us total n00bs to test the waters. The other is actually ESPN's Fantasy for Beginners league, though I doubt the beginner level of many of the teams.

After one week, I have lost both league's matchups, one of them to Kori. Thanks a ton, Eli.

Unfortunately, my early observation, is that the draft is about 90% of the determining factor for how well you will do. Which I could have done better on both of mine. Oh well. I'm more excited to watch football, so that's been fun.

On Drums

I have decided that I need to get drum lessons. From a real drummer. Who is good. Who can school me on the basics that, as a self-taught drummer, I never really took the time to master. Rudiments, Exercises, Tuning. I really need to develop these.

Any drummers reading this want to help? That about sums it up for now. Coming soon to this blog:

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  •  The Resurrection of #TEAMDREW
  •  30 Years, 30 Songs
  •  Holy Amaze-balls, Benji is on #TheVoice