i am weary, that's for sure.

I have no choice but to bullet you again... but this time... i'll make it sans bullets.... so... it's like i'm just using my fingers and saying "BANG!".... yeah.

[bang!] I have a mac. It's awesome. Donnie Brasco is his name. Making my life better is his game. [bang!] I am so freaking tired. Also today I have started not feeling so great. That's no good. [bang!] I am taking a personal day today. [bang!] The cause, culture, and kingdom of Christ is worth living for. [bang!] I am overloaded with design work. [bang!] I don't mind this. Brasco and I can handle it. [bang!] I saw Juno again. It was just as awesome. "It looks like a receipt for Jif--" [bang!] The band is happening. Ampersand is happening. I am excited.

I miss Matts. except Lawton. I don't have to miss him. He is here in gainesville... He is awesome.

Jackuliet... Yes. Yes.