well. life has been just flying by it seems.

it's april. and i haven't even lost any real weight yet. how late is it before you are considered to have failed your new year's resolution?

let's say that it happens in august. i have time.

today i finished paying off one of my credit cards. it felt really good. one more to go.

the edge is tomorrow. i am looking forward to it.

bluetooth headphones blow. don't waste your money. it's all a bit too sketch.

oh. and i hate when politics divide people. it's astounding how narrowminded people can be.

i think we should all be moderately moderate.

i don't need an iphone. or a full ipod. i'm fine with my ipod nano.

and everyone should read victor frankl's man's search for meaning. I determine myself every moment.

one should not ask what the meaning of life is. one should live as though he was asked.

ps. try this: www.ampersandsoulmusic.com. it's a work in progress.