thoughtsDrew Allen

so scared of getting older

thoughtsDrew Allen

I'm only good at being young. not time for a big post... but...

thanks for all the birthday wishes... 45 of them on facebook to be exact... that's a lot of love... and thanks for the one happy thanksgiving.

lots of quotes and pics coming...  but first a short random list of things that give me joy:

- mike patz - The men's bathroom in the sanctuary at first a/g (good times) - "Lie in our Graves" by Dave Matthews Band - The Matts. - Blues - Drums - Mercy - diet coke with lime no ice - computers and the internet. - The A-Team (from 13th St. [RIP]) - Good Monitor Mixes - Announcement videos. - texts from Lakeland people - The hope of non-platonic love - Parents who love me - My T Sharp. - Continuum by John Mayer - The Office

ok long day tomorrow... gnite.

PS "The Lord's ok. He's an alright guy." - Zach Colley