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stick to the B E A T.

thoughtsDrew Allen

these men inspire me.

Disciplined Living as been the rescuing theme of my life as of late.

A lack of condemnation because we are in Christ, doesn't mean that living with discipline is a bad thing. "Contrarily..." (Moltissanti)

Hope is here and there. and I like it. Just, please, Drew, don't do anything to F anything up, ok? OK, good.

I am having an Office Revival in my life. It is so much fun to let people see it's greatness.

I want to do music as a career. There. I said it. and I mean it. I love design. but i don't feel as alive on my laptop as i do sitting on that throne making music.    I know it's WAY simpler of a site. but i like the justification explorations.  Click it. Now.

life's keywords for me at this point: bourne. discipline. wisdom. office. fun. patience.

also is cool.

I am realizing more and more how staggeringly inspiring Christ and his creation is.
and at the same time finding more and more things that are "Christian" or "safe and clean" to be more and more trite and uninspiring.

This is an interesting paradox.

Life is interesting.