Hmmm. I'd been putting off blogging about anything random until I wrote a couple of biggies that need addressing. But, I haven't had the time/inclination/inspiration to really address them. But I'm tired of waiting.

I lost my job. I was fired from my job.

It was quite the shock, to be honest. I had absolutely no warning, written or otherwise, that my job was in any kind of danger.

It is a two edged sword to work in a very small office with no written codes of conduct or disciplinary policy. I am now more sure that I do not like it. Without procedure, people can get angry, and do things rashly, and there is no check or balance for it. Also, without a written code of conduct, ignorance becomes anything but bliss. Small business owners, take note.

On the one hand, I am sad and obviously, money is tighter now. On the other hand, I have been able to learn both from the experience itself and learn lots of things I wouldn't have had time to since the experience.

So, due to that and a host of other things happening since then, so many things for me are up in the air. Where will I live in August? When will I be debt-free? What will I do for a living? All these things are completely open and i am intrigued by all the possibilities.

I guess that's all I really have to say for now. More blogs will come. I guess I just had to get this off of my blog's chest, before I can write about other things. So now I can.

Posts soon to come:

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