thoughtsDrew Allen


thoughtsDrew Allen

I was tagged by kate (google: seekatedate) to write ten funny things about myself. here goes.

  1. I love Star Trek. I do. I don't have the time to keep up with it as much as i used to. My favorites are the movies, especially when the two generations (TOS, TNG) collaborated... wow. I cried at Spock's death, and Kirk's.
  2. Speaking of which, i tear up more often than i maybe should in movies and television. for being as cynical as i am, you wouldn't think i would get misty-eyed watching the office or the sopranos... or In Bruges. Something in me connects so strongly with the storyline in so many things. I think it is a gift. lol.
  3. I have a love/hate relationship with diet drinks. I enjoy the flavor more than the regular soda versions... but i can usually hear my brain cells screaming and writhing in agony.
  4. I get annoyed whenever people answer "Everything" when asked their favorite music. Not because they are too lazy to really self-inspect enough to notice what they like more than other things (which i feel happens alot), but more because it shuts the question down. When I (or anyone) asks someone that question, it is usually  because they are trying to get to know the person more, to find a common ground, to see if they like any of the same bands... to actually TALK about specific music... and answering "Everything" is a slap in the face.  Por Ejemple:Bob: What's your favorite music? What music do you like most? Doug: Everything, really. Bob: ... oh. ok. (awkward silence as Bob wonders whether he should go for favorite movies, or have another bite of tofu.)

    See, no communication. No connection. Plus, you don't REALLY like everything. No, seriously. You don't. I do try to show grace. I am not awesome enough to feel justified ripping into people for saying. I know they mean well. I often just slough it off and try to rephrase the question in a way that eliminates general answers...

  5. I have a molemark in my right ear that looks like a snake bite.
  6. I feel Dave Matthews Band strikes well the delicate and beautiful paradoxic balance between soul-searching, serious, emotive, acoustic driven pop-rock and infectious, jazzy, soulful, funky groove music. Hence their intense "if you don't like it, you probably don't get it" vibe.
  7. I don't listen to "worship" music unless I am actually in the act of worship or playing drums for worship. It keeps the music sacred to me. Hearing it all the time would desensitize it for me, or "desecrate" it for me.
  8. I often special order food at restaurants. Like, substitute something, or hold something, what-have-you. I feel that if I am paying a big mark-up on the food itself because someone is preparing it for me, i should at least be able to get it how i'd like it prepared, even if they greatly simplified their food options listed on the menu.
  9. Also at restaurants, I often introduce myself to the server. That is all. it's courteous.
  10. I really like Paul Reiser. His books are awesome. And so is Mad About You.
  11. Bonus. My Tumblr is Amazing: