thoughtsDrew Allen

take it like a man = easier said.

thoughtsDrew Allen

"you might need me more than you think you will."sometimes i feel terribly replaceable. i don't know why i feel this way right now, like this solitary hour. but i do. something about design and something about proximity and something about women and crap do i feel so... wow... i can't even begin to describe these feelings i'm having right now... noone has really done anything at all to me in the last 15 minutes that i should take offense to, so why am i so, so, SO offended right now? it makes no sense. this is one of those ones that shouldn't be written at all... but... i'm already this far in... oh well... the music of interpol is strangely comforting. i shaved. the decision could be filed somewhere between wanting to care about my appearance as i improve it, and realizing that castro at best and claus at worst are not the looks i am going for... man... i need a drink... nah... too expensive. this is turning darker than i ever intended. i just realized that's a diet coke sitting next to me.... i didn't mean to drink one today... i ordered water at lunch... oh well... the girl behind the coffee culture counter is hot... i should say hello...

i'm pretty sure my mood could be described as a "funk"

i wanted to paste some lyrics here, but couldn't find any that really fit.
i refuse to use that simpler plan, mr. bazan.

drew. win. this. battle.

ps found some that capture a small piece.

We speaks about travel Yeah we think about the land We smart like all peoples Feeling real tan

I could take you places Do you need a new man? Wipe the pollen from the faces Make revision to a dream while you wait in the van

Hey wait Great smile Sensitive to fate, not denial But hey who's on trial?

It took a lifespan With no cellmate the long way back Sandy, wait why can't we look the other way? You're weightless; you are exotic You need something for which to care Sandy, why can't we look the other way?