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the 2009 Quotes.

thoughtsDrew Allen

WARNING: These quotes are usually taken completely out of context, many were said facetiously, and some contain mature content.

"Oh you want the gimpy one to yank on it?" - Leah Welch

"I'm a hippie." - Matt Furlong

"F FBs, man." - Zach Colley

"I'm wiser , but I still have a penis." - Drew Allen, recovered from 2/14/08, more true now.

"A woman's nose is like a dog's nose." - Zach Colley

"I better be somebody's b*tch soon, I'm 26 years old!" - Anonymous

"There's no satisfaction unless you go all the way." - Leah Welch

"Women only hear what they wanna hear, and men only hear the truth." - Leah Welch

"Dude, you would make an awesome redneck." - Zach, to Drew

"I believe drinking alcohol is not a sin." - Mike Patz

"I've f***in' f***ed b*tches before..."- Anonymous

"Leah, let's get pregnant at the same time so we can have a joint baby shower ." - Zach Colley

"I don't know any byrons named black." - Matt Lawton

"I smell my d*ck all the time." - Anonymous

"I'm not really fond of putting my tongue in somebody's a**hole, unless it's a dude." - Anonymous

"You're what drummers look like in heaven!" -Cassie Mann, to Drew

"Granny is especially tasty." - Matt Lawton

"Thank god for herpes!" - Kyla

"Drew, keep your legs closed!" - Kyla

"I say crude sh*t all the time... Don't write that down motherf***er!" - Anonymous

"I am definitely getting arrested tonight." - Steel Clark

"I don't remember how similar their penises are." - Tim Hoyt

"I think I wanna join Starfleet." - Zach Colley

"Man, I shoulda been born twenty years ago!" - Zach Colley

"Church productions aren't sh*tty. Sh*tty church productions are sh*tty." - Anonymous

"I'm shallow... I'm the last person in the world who is shallow." - Kim Colley

"I wanna play with his badge and handcuffs." - Haley Carswell

"I probaby shouldn't eat these fuzzy little balls, should I?" - Leah Welch

"I'm just going to stare at Drew all night." - Priscilla

Drew: she doesn't like cussing... Anonymous: well f**k her, then...

"You can't say 'c*ck' in church." -Anonymous"

"All I wanted for my birthday was a booty call; is that too much to ask?" - Anonymous (on his birthday)

"Every time I like a Relient K album, I wanna punch myself in the face." - Matt Stauffer

"Size matters less than authenticity" - Drew Allen, on breasts.

Drew: What do you think about redheads? Dumptruck: the name or the candy? Drew: … the women.

"We should go to dinner so I can say dirty things to you in person." - Kyla

"Apple sucks for deleting a bunch of the 2009 quotes." - Drew Allen

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