The 2010 Earle Awards

Presented by Drew Allen.

Better late than never.

Album of the Year

Kanye West: My Dark and Twisted Fantasy

Runner Up: The Roots: How I Got Over

This was a super tough call. I think that the emotio-moral dichotomy these two albums thematically represent is very reflective of the same dichotomy that existed in my life in 2010.

Film of the Year


Runner Up: Black Swan

SO many good movies came out this year, but in the end these were such all-encompassing experiences to Behold. The King's Speech is definitely just behind these two for me.

New Artist of the Year

Mumford & Sons

Runner Up: The Black Keys

I think this is indicative of the rise of both meaning and groove in my musical tastes this year. Mumford is such a perfect sacred in secular example. Awesome.

TV Show of the Year

Mad Men

Runner Up: Community

Mad Men is a beautiful, dark, character-driven study of a broken man and his struggle to regain a sense of morality, purpose, and identity. Community is a uniquely written, simply hilarious look at a group of misfits learn to like and love each other. Both are amazing.

Author of the Year

Jeff Wilser

Runner Up: George Orwell

Maxims of Manhood was a great example of hilarity colliding with plain, good things that men should hear. And thanks to George, I'm afraid of my iPad.

Store of the Year


Runner Up: Publix

I've made the switch from a generally corrupt and uncaring big box store to a clean and more socially aware one. Plus, there's nothing like having your own place to enjoy shopping at Publix all the more.

Man of the Year

Ricky Kendall

I don't really feel the need to say too much here, as his songs speak so much better of him than I can. Authentic, honest, wise passion roaring from his heart, mind, voice and guitar.

Lifetime Achievement Earle:

George Clooney

No explanation necessary.