The 2011 Earle Awards

Every year since 2007 I have released a set of annual awards of my own picks for the best in media and in life. Late as always, here are the EARLE awards for 2011. Enjoy.

Film of the Year

The Muppets

It's Retro. Fun. Feel Good. Clean. Classic. Possibly saw it 3 times in the theater.

Runner up: Drive

Album of the Year

Young Love (Mat Kearney album)

Young Love | Mat Kearney

One of those albums you can just listen and sing along straight through.

Runner up: Soul Searching | Ricky Kendall

Song of the Year

Ali in the Jungle

Ali in the Jungle | The Hours

This song is the catalyst for how I came out of one of the darker seasons of my life.

Runner up: Betelgeuse | Joywave

New Artist of the Year

The Revels

The Revels

Nagasaki! Nuff Said.

Runner up: Joywave

TV Show of the Year



No spoilers, I'm just starting season 4. Amazing.

Runner up: Parks & Rec

Book of the Year

The American | Martin Booth

SO rich. and classic. Perfect pacing. Reflective. Thoughtful.

Runner up: Fire in the Belly | Sam Keen

Author of the Year

Sam Keen

Best writing about Manhood I've ever read.

Runner up: Martin Booth

Business of the Year



Best thing to happen to Haile Village since I got a job there.

Runner up: SEOmoz

Man of the Year

Zac Colley

Zac Colley

One of my absolute best friends, Zac grew a lot in 2011. He's also the only man to with the Earle for Man of the year twice.

Runner up: Britt Daniel

Woman of the Year

Kori Schoonover

Kori Schoonover

Years from now this award category will look a bit routine, but I don't care at all. Also, I'm biased.

Lifetime Legacy Award

Matt Green

I can't say enough awesome things about this guy, so I won't bother trying. Suffice it to say, he's awesome. David & Jonathan. Est. 1999.

That's all for this year. Any categories you want to see added next year? Let me know.