thoughtsDrew Allen


thoughtsDrew Allen

i have finished four books this year so far.none of them fiction. i think this is filed under "signs of growth."

I have not worked out this week. that's under, "oops." but i have been eating pretty healthy. (that's under "solace")

shouts out to norris. for being norris. no, not chuck. *sigh*

"When someone is hitting someone in the face, I am swooning." - Ashley Norris

next up for reading: Fear and Trembling by Kierkegaard Secrets of the Secret Place The World is Flat

hot: kenning john mayer lyrics to live by reading perfect stranger (movie) converting people to The Office  espanol sopranos

not: standing up for a long time. complacency trying not to nag quoting napolean dynamite narrowmindedness messed up food orders some guy named mason