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On an extremely related note,  John and I need to raise $7500 by next thursday.

See the business start up costs are MUCH higher than that, but we have found a company that  helps you raise all your capital. They have a 100% success rate at raising at least 80% of the needed capital, and a 95% success rate at raising 100% of it. All within a 3 month timetable. The only problem is their start up retainer fee. Yeah.

So... if you or anyone you know would like to make a donation to us, or even let us borrow it (in 3or 4 months we will have it to pay you back with), PLEASE, please let us know asap. We have close to 1 thousand already raised.

If you can't, but you know someone who may be able to, let us and them know. thanks so much.

If you don't know why we need this money or this company to help us anyway, check this out:

thanks so much you guys.


PS.  Bono, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, George W. Bush, Pat Robertson. So we could set some things straight, hopefully. Talk some sense to people who need to hear it.