thoughtsDrew Allen

trying to keep dust from collecting.

thoughtsDrew Allen

life isn't bad. finally got the headphones (bazan side project) album. wow. so good.

"slow car crash" just hit me like a punch in the gut. complete with teary eyes.

i'm on the verge of a growth spurt. i can feel it coming.

reading mere christianity. getting close to finishing it.

SO, SO much good in that book. It would definitely belong in a Truth Curriculum for Christians. Something i'd love to help develop. like a class or reading track for the Christian faith to help establish some pillars of goodness and hopefully keep bad things out (osteen, robertson, bentley).

lyrics like this from coldplay scare me a little in how i closely i relate.

God is in the houses and God is in my head… and all the cemeteries in London… I see God come in my garden, but I don’t know what he said, For my heart, it wasn’t open… Not open…

God, let my heart be open.