thoughtsDrew Allen

tuesdays are a little better than mondays.

thoughtsDrew Allen

"paragraph c" ^ thats a secret code.

you should email with a guess. i am willing to bet no one cracks the meaning.

family guy is awesome.

my own lack of assertiveness helps me out sometimes. thats a weird thing.

everyone should read total money makeover by dave ramsey.

i am growing toward gazelle intensity about getting rid of my various debts.

ironically, a list of things i need to buy: another shoe tree thing The Book of Questions Flowers to be delivered to a store in the mall a taupe belt to match some dress shoes i have. the david bazan solo album brown flip flops

"I Try" by Macy Gray is currently playing in the bank. great, great song. too many memories.

there's a dance that was supposed to occur at a wedding a couple of years ago... it never did.

i should fix that.

ok, back to banking.