thoughtsDrew Allen

what a crazy week.

thoughtsDrew Allen

what a crazy week. events have transpired. thoughts and feelings are so jumbled and fragmented.

 But... there is a sense of security about myself right now for some odd reason. a few growing tensions in my life have now burst...

.a sense of pain but relief is present.

8 and a half and holding.

bold moves are right around the corner.

i am no longer involved with quest. ironically, ending that "Quest" is my way of starting another. I will miss what i had at Quest. maybe things will happen in such a way that a reunion of sorts will at some point occur.

it is a scary feeling to let go of the church style that you have grown up with your whole life. But exciting in that i am stepping through a wardrobe into a completely different world, where i hope to meet Aslan, the savior of my life.

I am publicly honoring Scott Taylor for his words of encouragement and friendship. It is a not-often-felt experience for someone to passionately vocalize desire for my growth much more than desire that i continue to play drums for him. He is a good friend to me.

on another note, sunday nights are probably going to be good. started getting together with some friends to, meet, fellowship, talk about things that matter, and some that don't, and enjoy the finer thing in life. namely, Sam Adams. lol. it looks to be a very good thing to have.

also, a big public "two e-props" "two kudos" goes to Rachael Putty for winning the Aveda Rock the Runway! Competition this past weekend in Tampa. just one more reason she is awesome with a capital awe.

i haven't blogged as much for various and sundry reasons.time being a good one.

 and my journey into learning the proper balance of transparency. Being too transparent comes with a danger of becoming shallow, at least in appearance. When all that is all that is you is viewable from the surface level, You lose a sense of depth. And nothing is more of a surface-level view than reading someone's blog...