thoughtsDrew Allen

whats with the grumpy face, drew?

thoughtsDrew Allen
  • i can't find my phone.
  • surge is being all switched around.
  • i'm being swamped at my job.
  • i realize that my vision for what surge can be is so, so different than what it is being intended and used for, and it kills me. i know that it will still bear fruit either way, but i find it difficult to leave it alone.
  • i have absolutely no time to do anything i need to do for surge or the church website and i am digging the hole deeper by stopping to write here.
  • due to my own overcommittal, i won't have the proper time to devote to my band and it's functions.
  • also due to overcommittal (and my own slothfulness), i haven't worked out this week.
  • job description ambiguity creating unmet expectations and dissappointment.

so yeah that's why i'm not all happy go lucky. its life.