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When's Day?

thoughtsDrew Allen

day off

today has been great.
lunch with berto,
      spanish experiment with bustos,
           dinner with crew and berto (MOVIE NIGHT!)
                coffee and conversation with norris,
                    great posting time with myself,
                        and now j money is comin over.

the fun just doesn't stop!!!!!1!!1!!

in other news,

my mom (who is awesome)
sent me a package.
It had Secrets of the Secret Place in it.
I have decided to try to read this book.
I am 2 chapters in.
there is definitely some truth i can glean from it.
The only thing i find difficult is reading through the christianese language the author employs.

I am confident that if mike patz recommended it to the church, then i will benefit from reading it, even if for the task of learning to pull good Truth from pentecostal jargon. also, i want to endorse a great new xanga:
Hanke is the man.
and i have cracked up like three times already today reading his blogging.

ok, now some fun pictures!!

P1070095 P1070195 P1070175 P1070210 P1070252